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...what the "group" is all about... we have one response:

its about you, our clients.

When we settled upon Shufelt Group as our official name for the business, we intended to communicate the range of talent and services you'll receive as a client.

Company president Craig Shufelt leads an array of carefully selected team members to arrive at the right solution for your marketing, graphic design or technology project be it web, print or both.

We enlist quality driven, unique professionals ... Designers, Developers, Writers, and PR Professionals depending on the scope and nature of each job, be it print or web.

Shufelt Group was also designed as a firm that includes you as a team member. We listen to and respond to your input and arrive at a solution that is right for your business and forward thinking for the future.


Every company is different, and each deserves its own marketing plan.  A marketing concept begins the phase of what is known as "Brand Identity" or creating a corporate personality that you communicate to your audience, both new and existing.

The first step in the process consists of some self-evaluation and some questions:

What is it that your company does and what does it do best?

What is the face you want to show to the public?

Knowledge is power, so the more you can uncover your business's strengths and weak points, the sharper and more on target your positioning message will become.

Of course, marketing plans and positioning strategies are not static, but ever-evolving. We'll help you re-evaluate your message as you add new services or staff, expand the company, or maybe even downsize to fill more of a niche market.