Website Design and Development

Online technology solutions.

There are basic, boring websites and then there are websites with Design specific, targeted solutions. Shufelt Group will take your current site or, working from scratch, and create a website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, informative, and memorable. A site solution that works "FOR" your business.

It takes literally a second or two for someone to get excited over the user experience from your website.
The day when you build a website and the money just rolls into the register does not exist!

We will help you think through the content for your site; develop site architecture that your customers will respond to; and design pages that are user-friendly and in keeping with your corporate message and graphic look. If you prefer, we can also help or provide you with writing the content.

We provide all services related to web development and maintenance, including commonly practiced methodology (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation); CMS (Content Management System admin based website solutions); Database development, E-commerce, (custom shopping cart technology), Online Product Management, Web hosting, Domain name registration; Site Security and eCommerce security, (SSL certificates); and Website showcase/projects.

Click. Click. Done.

There are basic, boring Websites and then there are Websites with Design specific, targeted solutions.

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Yes, Click. Click. Done.

Responsive website design

A responsive website design and development solution is well thought out using our methodology. During the consultation process we will delve into the various levels of your organization to ensure optimal solution for your business.

responsive website design and development solutions by Shufelt Group