Direct Mail, EDDM, and Targeted Promotions from any Mail List

Direct Mail, EDDM, and Targeted Mail Promotions

At minimum, direct mailing allows you to save time and money off the cost of using labels, printing and postage costs. It's certainly an affordable way to target and market your business to your pre-determined audience. Mailing is a resourceful way to promote most any business. Typically, mailers are newsletters, postcards, and/or rack cards. Other printed pieces are also available.

Mailing can be a very successful marketing option especially when the printed piece (in this case shown above; a 6" x 11" postcard) is designed in such a way to captivate the end user, i.e. the property owner in need of such appealing products.

Simply put, just mail your target address a creatively Designed piece and show them what your product is and where your service is located and a convenient way to find them both – then, deliver!

Direct Mail – this pre-targeted direct mail (EDDM) promotional postcard

Direct Mail options such as "Every Door Direct Mail" (EDDM), for example, a pre-targeted mail promotional postcard was Designed and printed to focus on the services and newly featured indoor/outdoor showroom of a local business ie. Zock's Supply.

Direct Mail – Your Business Newsletter

Direct Mail Newsletter (as shown right being printed) from a residential town tax base mail list, as a pre-targeted promotional newsletter was mailed to all residents within the Town of Colonie. This quarterly newsletter featured news and events prioritized by the town and visually appealing photos were also included.

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Direct Mail, EDDM, and Targeted Promotions from any Mail List by Shufelt Group marketing and design