These logos were custom designed by Shufelt Group


Have your vision improved today with a customized logo

We take the time to research and listen to your conceptualized ideas on the best way your business may be identified.

The logo design process will take some time and well thought out concepts on paper will be trimmed down after a few varieties are presented to you. It is typical that a logo design will take some thought out time, including the Design process, depending upon how specific your needs are. With our professional team we will be as direct as possible with your end results sure to please well into the future of you business journey.

At the core of a great business is the logo. If your branding is missing the details of the next level, we can help you get there. We can create all solutions of the logo and of course, any related print materials too. Let us get you noticed more then ever before!


Logos are the identifying face of your business and used throughout every marketable aspect you do moving forward.


Logos found on letterhead, business cards, the business website, hats, products, materials, etc are often the recognizable icon of your business.

you}STANDOUT. – when your unique logo is presented in a professionally identifying style.

This is the "our New Scotland" business community group logo as designed by Shufelt Group a prour member of NSBC