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Every company is different, and each deserves its own marketing plan. A marketing concept is the beginning of what we call “branding your identity,” or creating a corporate personality that you communicate to your audiences.

The first step in the process consists of some self-evaluation and some questioning: What is it that your company does and what does it do best? What is the face you want to show to the public? Knowledge is power, so the more you can uncover your business's strengths and weak points, the sharper and more on target your positioning message will become.

Of course, marketing plans and positioning strategies are not static, but ever-evolving. We'll help you re-evaluate your message as you add new services or staff, expand the company, or maybe even downsize to fill more of a niche market.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO)

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization, basically is the way in which search engines locate your site when a customer is looking for your business. Necessities such as keywords, page titles and descriptions are required, at the very least, to help search engines like Google and Yahoo, etc. assist your customers in their obtaining the informational results they seek. Costs will vary depending on your short and long term marketing needs. Google AdWords is a common practice and in short is a cost per click marketing option. The Cost per click depends on the relevency of the word being searched and the monthly cost to you is set based upon your budget and the recommended allocation on searched words vs. results you will look for. (Basic ROI) and the research we will do to produce the optimal results for the budget you have.

What are Google AdWords?
Google AdWords are an affordable way to jump start a website campaign and can be used baseed upon your budget options. Call us anytime to review the search engine optimization options for you and your business. We can review whether Google AdWords is even a necessary option.

Bulk Mailing

At minimum, Bulk mailing allows you to save time and money off the cost of using lables, printing and postage costs. It's certainly an affordable way to target and market to your pre-determined audience. This is a resourceful way to market most any business. Typically mailers are newsletters, postcards and/or rack cards. Although, other printed pieces are also available.